Welcome to Dinoprints!

Frequently Asked Questions

What size are Dinoprints?

Dinoprints are 24 inches tall by 36 inches wide. This is a very common frame size available at most home retailers, frame shops and craft stores.


Can you put adults on a Dinoprint?

Absolutely! We know a lot of adults (including my brother and I) who have never grown up and think it's terrific!


Can you put more than one dino-rider on a single dinosaur?

Yes. Follow the general guidelines on the Upload a Photo page but set up your subjects like they are riding front to back similar to riding a motorcycle or on a horse.  Please note, additional charges apply per added rider.


How long will it take to get my Dinoprint?

Each Dinoprint is a piece of digital art. Once we receive your order, AND your Dino-rider photo, your Dinoprint will be put into our production queue. Production times vary, but on average we have a 4-day turnaround time. For our US based customers, we provide USPS Priority shipping, so you can expect to receive your print 1 to 3 days after it leaves our facility.  International shipments are delivered using USPS First Class Mail International service and take 5 or more days depending on your location.


What's the best way to send a photo of my Dino-rider?

Please refer to the Upload a Photo page for tips and directions on the best way to capture and send your photo(s) to us.


How do you ship Dinoprints?

Dinoprints are carefully packaged and shipped to you in heavy duty, cardboard poster tubes via the United States Postal Service (USPS). We take every precaution to make sure your prints arrive in a safe and timely fashion and provide you with a USPS tracking number as soon as your print leaves our facility. For shipping policy information, please see our shipping policy page.


Can I get a Dinosaur print without a rider on it?

Absolutely! If you wish to purchase a Dinoprint without a rider please complete an order for the dinosaur of your choice. Once you receive your order number send an email to customerservice@dinoprints.com with your customer number stating you would like to receive your print without a Dino-rider. Your order will be inserted into our production schedule and printed in the order it was received.