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Highest Quality Printing, Ink and Papers

Epson 9900 Wide Format Printer

Latest Printing Technology

Our prints are output from the latest wide-format Epson print technology with Epson UltraChrome ink technology, which sets the standard for artist and photographer output. As an example of the quality you can expect, most home inkjet printers work with 4 ink colors (Cyan, Magenta, Yellow and Black). Our professional wide-format printers combine 11 ink colors, allowing us to achieve a quality and vibrancy not achievable from consumer printers.

High Quality Archival Photo Paper

Dinoprints are printed on genuine Epson printing papers designed to maximize the quality of the Epson printing systems and inks.

Archival Quality Ink

Most of our customers, who have ink jet printers at home, know the cost of ink and paper can be considerable. Imagine how much printing ink is consumed on a very high-resolution print that is 6 square feet in area! This is one of the reasons why we believe Dinoprints are also a great value.