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Taking a photo for your Dinoprint is fun. Here are a few tips for taking the perfect digital picture of your Dino-rider and sending your photo(s) to us.


What digital camera should I use?

It’s never been easier to capture a quality digital photo of your subject. Newer cell phones and digital cameras are capable of providing high-quality digital photos. We recommend using any digital camera or cell phone capable of taking a 2 megapixel image or higher.

What digital camera can I use?



How do I pose my subject for a realistic riding position?

We’ve found several simple ways to get the perfect pose from your dino-rider. The easiest is to simply put your subject on a bar stool and take a photo directly from the side. Remember to make sure your photo is in focus!

Stool example



If you don’t have a bar stool you can use anything that allows them to sit upright with their legs slightly extended. Some other locations that work are on the arm of a couch, a fence, barrel or any other stable object that allows your subject to sit upright in a position similar to riding horseback.

Alternative shooting locations



What angle works best?

 All of our Dinoprints are composed so the dino-rider is viewed directly from the side (90 degrees from the front). It is also important to take your photo from waist-high or slightly lower giving the impression you are looking up slightly at the rider. This is to simulate the perspective of your rider sitting high up on a dinosaur.

Camera angle



What about lighting considerations?

Good lighting is important to capturing a sharp image with detail and true colors. All of our dinosaurs are rendered with the light coming from the direction the dinosaur is facing.

To get the most realistic Dinoprint you will want to align the main light source from the same direction your subject and dinosaur are facing. To avoid photos with over exposed backgrounds and dark foregrounds make sure your main light source is approximately 45 degrees to the front of the subject.

Below, the photo on the left correctly has the light source coming from the front of the subject. The image on the right is lit from behind making the subject dark.

Lighting considerations



What’s the best way to compose my image?

To get the most detail, turn your camera vertically (portrait vs landscape) and fill the frame with your subject. We will be removing the background so it’s not important. A plain background works best like the garage door in this example, or a wall. Be careful to keep head and feet in the frame like the example on the left. It doesn’t matter if your subject is facing left or right. We can flip the subject, or flip the dinosaur illustation so they are both facing the same direction.

Proper Crop



OK, I have a great picture! How do I send it to Dinoprints?

Once you’ve chosen your picture, simply rename the file using your order number and email it to us. You will find your order number on the order confirmation email you receive after checkout.

File name example: 100008765.jpg.

Attach and email your photos to customerservice@dinoprints.com with your order number in the subject line or simply reply to your confirmation email.

Have fun! We look forward to creating your one of a kind Dinoprint.